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Our Vision

At Clardey Global Pvt. Ltd., our vision treads on the old saying Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered), and has no plans of surrendering to any hardships coming its way.

The pandemic taught us enough to question the way we have lived, the goals we have for our future, and the decisions we make each day. Choices, be them scientific, medical, financial, social or environmental, play a pivotal role in determining whether we will commit the same mistakes as we did in the past or pave our way into a more sustainable and secure future. But not just individuals, the pandemic made us question our health system and the age-long stagnation their management is going through, making it dynamism-deficit.

The health and wellness product market in India saw the maximum surge during the pandemic. The most growing direct selling companies during the pandemic have been those providing nutritional based products, wellness equipment and other FMCG products. It is for this reason that Amway India Enterprises is the leading direct selling company followed by AVON beauty products India Pvt. Ltd., Herbalife and Infinitus, all relating to wellness, hygiene and nutrition industry.

Our Mission

People now sought to give their health priority over everything else, for which they don’t hesitate to find customized and quality products. Yet, per different reports and statistics, only 25% of the population in India has access to such healthcare products.

CGPL envision an India where everyone has an access to quality products when it comes to healthcare, in a timely and competent manner. It hopes to be the most-trustworthy distributor to achieve the goal of a healthy India. Its wide product range is aimed at satisfying different needs and demands. The company not only has retail stores for distribution of its products, but provides only services in order to make the whole system dynamic.

Every member at the company attempts at inspiring, igniting hope and providing the best of services to our consumers. Every day, CGPL thrives to make lives better than yesterday for each person.