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It is hereby informed that Clardey Global Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in the direct selling business of healthcare and wellness products. It operates through its website, direct sellers and other retail stores. The company strictly does not indulge in any kind of chit fund or investment scheme. The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the user while using the website in any manner. This includes any consequential or indirect loss absolutely.

The company does not accept any enrollment fee or other charges for any entity to be a direct seller under the company. Thus, the company shall not be liable in case any individual claims such charges or agent fee from the direct selling entities at the behest of getting into a contractual relationship with the company. The only mode to do so is through the information and process provided on the website of the company [website].

Furthermore, the company denies any incentive to the direct sellers except the ones made in the terms and conditions with the seller directly.

Any external link or content from any other website is not endorsed or advertised by CGPL in any manner. Such content and its availability and nature are out of the company’s control. The company shall be not be liable for any link between the user and such external content. Clardey Global Pvt. Ltd. shall not be liable in case of any technical issue leading to the unavailability of the website, which goes beyond the control of the company.

The information contained on the website is for general purposes only. However, the company does not take liability with regards to the quality, accuracy, reliability or availability of the products and services, and thus reliance on the information shall be at the user’s own risk.

  1. CGPL and its distributors work together and ensure consumer protection and are guided by the Consumer Protection Act 1986 for the same.
  2. There shall be a grievance redressal committee in every direct selling company. It shall:
    1. Have at least three officers from the direct selling entity;
    2. Address complaints received by the consumers;
  3. Any and every general public member shall be able to complaint through the mechanism.
  4. Furthermore, there shall be grievance officers appointed by each entity to over-look the redressal mechanism and the entity shall publish the contract information of such officer along with other redressal details on the product pamphlets. The officer in turn is required to take cognizance of the complaint within 48 hours of such complaint being filed and settle the same within one month of filing, after which the officer is liable to give reasons of delay to the complainant along with what steps he has taken regarding the settlement of the problem.
  5. Every entity is liable to provide the consumer with the basic information about the good/service at the time of purchase. This includes:
    1. Name of the seller and purchaser
    2. Delivery date
    3. Procedure of returning the good
    4. Warranty and replacement of good in case of any defect

Note: CGPL is a convergence partner with the national consumer helpline.