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About Clardey

That, CLARDEY GLOBAL PVT. LTD.,(hereinafter referred to as “the company”), is engaged in the business of selling all kinds of Health & Dietary Supplements, Nutraceuticals, cosmetics, Personal Care, Home care, Kitchen care, and edible products containing Natural and organic ingredients by direct selling mode through its Direct Sellers and retail “Pick-up Centres”, under its own Trademark(s) and Brand Name(s). It may also engage in other business activities as stated in the object clauses of the “Memorandum of Association” of the company. It is an “Inventory Model” of E-commerce and is also engaged in the online marketing or sales of goods directly to the end user and consumer on M.R.P (incl. of all taxes). IT NEITHER INDULGES NOR SOLICITS OR ENCOURAGES ANY KIND OF FINANCIAL INVESTMENT OR FLOATS ANY INVESTMENT, CHIT-FUND, PYRAMID, OR MONEY CIRCULATION SCHEME(S).

The company is fully compliant with the laws of the land and rules & regulations framed therein. The company is registered with ROC, Chandigarh, and possesses PAN, TAN, GSTIN, FSSAI License, MSME, etc. The company never defaults in paying all due taxes to the Govt.


That, CLARDEY GLOBAL PVT. LTD.,has been floated with a clear vision of marketing and selling, through its dynamic network of Direct sellers, useful, result-oriented, beneficial, and chemical-free, natural, and organic products to consumers.

The company’s vision is to create self-employment and self-reliant entrepreneurship opportunities, encouraging experimentation & exploration to make it a hub of gender parity. CGPL thrives at providing the best consumer experience with its transparent transactional deliverables, Grievance redressal, and Buyback/Refund Mechanisms.

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Director's Message Of Rajwinder Kaur

Dear stakeholders,

CLARDEY GLOBAL PVT LIMITED (CGPL) thanks each one of you for extending a hand towards making it a tremendously successful enterprise. It has been possible due to the joint efforts of the company, its Direct selling force, and its consumers. CGPL has been able to set new standards in the direct selling business market of India. CGPL benefits at the behest of all the consumers who intake and repeatedly consume our products, without whom no industry can sustain itself. Trustworthy services with quality products, a wide range of wellness products delivered directly to the consumer, a result-oriented grievance redressal system, efficacy, easy return policies, availability, and consumer reviews, we at CGPL, cherish and aim for a healthy India. Thus, CGPL its Direct selling workforce solicits and expects its consumers to allow it, to prove, and fulfill its caliber, skills, vision & mission.

With your cooperation and trust in us, we strive to become one of the benchmarks in the direct selling market.

With your co-operation and trust in us, we strive to become one of the benchmarks in the direct selling market.

With best wishes
(Rajwinder Kaur)
Clardey Global Pvt. Ltd.