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Model Code of Conduct for the Direct Selling Agents (CLARDEY GLOBAL’s) is a non- statutory code issued by Clardey Global Pvt. Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as CGPL) for adoption and implementation by Direct Selling Agents (Hereinafter referred to as distributors) while operating as Agents of CGPL.


The distributors and CGPL shall comply with the code of conduct along with the terms and conditions and the contractual obligations under the agreement between the parties.


This code of conduct determines the limits within which the work shall operate, upholding CGPL’s integrity, ethical code and moral values. Despite there being this code, there may be situations not mentioned in the code. Yet, the unbiased and good judgment of the company shall be trusted with for every such extra-ordinary situation.

In order to work effectively, we all need a healthy and safe working environment. We at CGPL thrive to provide a working environment free of coercion, discrimination and harassment. Therefore, respect, tolerance and common moral values are at our core values. Regardless of department and level, the person engaged with the company shall adhere to our policy of equality in all aspects of work, from recruitment to performance evaluation and interpersonal relations. The need for social media policies given its potential to speak out for all, including instant coverage, and 24/7 participation, has made social media a factor in real time to develop Citizen-centered decision-making.

The motto of our company is to expand, but at the behest of following all the legal obligations and laws, whether local or national. Thus, each stake-holder of CGPL should work in the legal framework towards the goodwill of the company.

Representation of CGPL
  1. All direct selling shall be honest, faithful and legal and the distributor shall follow fair competition principles under business.
  2. The distributor shall work with a social and professional responsibility.
  3. The distributor shall ensure that the consumer continues to put confidence in the direct selling business.
  4. The distributor shall not do anything to jeopardize the goodwill of CGPL.
Consumer Service
  1. All the consumers shall be treated fairly and equally irrespective of their backgrounds.
  2. The services shall be given out in such a way to avoid any reasonable complaints from the consumers.
  3. The consumers shall not be deceived, or given information which is false or misrepresented about the goods and services.
  4. No distributor shall take advantage out of the weaknesses of the consumers.
  5. Consumers shall not be falsely represented the company with, apart from the original objective with which the company is incorporated.
Privacy and Confidentiality
  1. The distributor shall take strict measures to protect the data collected of the consumers.
  2. No contact from the distributor to the consumer shall be made beyond the appropriate hours of communication.
  3. The consumer’s wishes regarding receiving any communication from the company shall be respected by the distributor.
  1. During any sales presentation, irrespective of the request made by the consumer, the distributor is liable to disclose their identity along with the identity of CGPL along with the reason for their presentation and solicitation.
  2. No distributor shall keep its identity and purpose of solicitation hidden from the consumers.
  3. In case of any other promotion, through emails or newsletters, the distributor shall provide its name, address and contact details along with the same.
Explanation and Demonstration
  1. Each demonstration regarding the product shall be clear and unambiguous and contain the basic required information like the MRP, guarantee terms, delivery details, etc.
  2. Each detail shall conform with the general policy of CGPL.
  3. The distributor shall ensure that its description and explanation conform with the updated expectations of the consumer.
  4. The consumer shall be answered all its queries regarding the products and services and be given ample amount of time to realize their contracts without any harassment.

Every and any information relating to the services and products of the company, shall be intimated to the consumer precisely, and unambiguously.


No information provided to the consumer shall be such to mislead the same against what’s provided and what will be delivered.

Order Form
  1. At the time of each delivery, the consumer shall be provided with a written order containing the name, address and contact details of the distributor and CGPL along with other required information.
  2. All terms shall be clearly legible.
Comparison, Denigration and Exploitation of Goodwill
  1. None of the distributors shall use misleading comparison in contrast to the fair competition principles.
  2. The only acceptable comparisons shall be those based on substantiable facts.
  3. None of the distributor shall denigrate or exploit the goodwill of any other producer in any manner to promote its own products.
  1. Unless genuine, verifiable and relevant, no testimonial shall be endorsed to promote the product.
  2. Misleading and outdated testimonials shall not be used for any kind of promotion.
  1. In no case shall the guarantees or warranties be endorsed if the same do not exist originally to attract consumers.
  2. In case of guarantees and warranties, the contact details shall be easily available to the consumers to avail the benefit from.
Safety and Packaging

Every product shall be packed and delivered safely to each of the consumer.

Fulfilment of the order
  1. If not otherwise provided, every delivery shall be made within _____ days of the order made.
  2. In case of an undue delay, the same shall be intimated to the consumer.
  3. In case of non-fulfilment of order, the consumer shall be refunded without any deductions if requested so by the same.
Substitution of Products

In case of the product being out of stock or not available, the distributor may substitute it with an equivalent product, provided that the consumer is informed and taken consent from. Such substitution shall only exist with products with same or lower MRP.

Cooling-off and return of Goods
  1. Every consumer shall be provided a cooling-off period to cancel the order without any deduction from its refund.
  2. Every consumer is entitled to an exclusive and unconditional right of return per the terms of the product agreement.
  1. Every complaint received shall be processed through the Consumer redressal committee.
  2. CGPL has provided the consumer helpline number and email ID on its website.
  3. Every complaint shall be promptly dealt and dispatched.
  4. The consumer shall be updated with the decision on its complaint within a reasonable time frame.

The payment shall be made in conformity with the direct selling agreement.

Social Media Marketing
  1. Any distributor using social media to promote the products and services shall duly follow the rule of “self-regularization”.
  2. It shall avoid unethical and misleading advertisements and endorsements of the products and services.
  3. All the social media advertisement shall follow the following rules:
    1. truthful and honest content
    2. clear distinction in what is for sale and what is a mere survey and what is for press release, etc.
    3. every additional information under asterisks (*) shall be provided in fine print and readable font
    4. the consumer shall be intimated about the use of cookies, if any
    5. any advertisement shall not hide the main content of the distributor
    6. advertising laws and statutory obligations must be complied with
    7. the distributor shall comply with the code of conduct given out by CGPL
    8. the social media marketing shall not affect the goodwill of CGPL in any negative manner
    9. he content shall be appropriate and decent for both CGPL and its consumer base
    10. it shall not involve in any controversial stature
    11. it shall not publish any confidential information pertaining to the business of CGPL Page 18 of 22l) in case negative attention is gathered, the distributor shall consult with the CGPL spokesperson before posting anything on its behalf and shall even discontinue any dialogue with third parties without prior permission by CGPL
    12. the distributor shall take prior permission from both the owner and CGPL to post the latter’s promotional posts on the former’s property
    13. it shall not put advertisements on public property
    14. it shall duly identify as the distributor of CGPL and not the agent of the same
    15. CGPL holds discretion to put down or disallow the posting of certain content which it feels is jeopardizing the image, and brand value of the company
    16. the distributor shall not purchase followers to increase its reach
    17. the distributor shall comply with the social media rules before posting any content
    18. it shall not respond to any negative remarks or hate comments put out by any social media user but instead may report it to CGPL
    19. data mining and website scraping tactics are unethical and strictly prohibited
    20. it shall not create a separate social media account or hold virtual events in the name of CGPL without a prior consent; neither shall it post testimonials without the prior permission of CGPL
    21. it shall only post credible, and accurate data
    22. it shall only use CGPL-approved language for its content
    23. it shall not post anything after ceasing to be a distributor for CGPL
    24. it shall legally abide with all the laws and policies
    25. it shall not advertise the products manufactured by CGPL without the latter’s consent and permission
  1. The distributor shall follow all the compliances and obligation put in the direct selling agreement by CGPL regarding marketing of products and services.
  2. This agreement shall apply to each individual related to the distributor entity and its marketing department.
  3. Failure in compliance gives CGPL the discretion to terminate the contract absolutely.
  4. Appropriate declarations shall be taken from individual staff members for complying with the code.
Tele-calling a prospect
  1. In case of any prospective buyer, they shall be contacted only when they have consented to be contacted.
  2. No user in the DND list shall be contacted.
  3. No user shall be tele-contacted after the authorized time-frame except when they have expressly consent orally or in written for the same.
  4. Neither of the interests of any prospect user shall be discussed by anyone else except the persons authorized by the user.
  5. In case the prospect is unavailable, a messaged shall be left for the prospect indicating the purpose and the call.
  6. During the tele-communication, no information shall be communicated which is misleading and false.
Telemarketing Etiquettes

No serial dialling

  1. Identify yourself
  2. Request permission to proceed
  3. In case the user disallows, politely disconnect
  4. If allowed, state the reason of the call
  5. In case the user isn’t comfortable with the mode of communication, offer any other mode
  6. Never argue or interrupt the user
  7. Ensure that the user is able to understand the language you are using
  8. Reconfirm further communication in the future
  9. Leave your contact details in case the user requests
  10. After the conversation, thank the user for their time
  1. Customers desiring to not be disturbed shall be updated with the CGPL records.
  2. Disinterested customers shall not be contacted again for at least _____ months.